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Ocean Crawler Core Diver

Ocean Crawler is an American watch brand which specialises in thoroughly thought out tool watches. These aren’t anaemic hydrophobic watches with a dive time bezel stuck on, instead these are sturdy and tough. Built to survive the harshest environments and not failing under pressure. Before leaving the factory, each watch has to pass ten different shock tests including the high impact hammer test, which throws 6,000Gs at the watch. Ocean Crawlers will survive and keep ticking even after experiencing shock more severe than a car crash. It is worth remembering at this point the price of Ocean Crawlers for all this sturdiness. For less than £800 they really can’t be beat.


They come in a few different models but my personal pick would be the Core Diver in blue and orange. The splash of colour makes it very easy to read regardless of glare or darkness. Whilst it does look nice on the mesh bracelet, I would suggest the included strap as I personally find it more comfortable once broken in. Made out of Kevlar you can be confident that the strap will cope with whatever you throw at it. The case and strap together give the watch an indestructible quality which is continued with the case. The watch has a good heft to it and you never forget you are wearing it.


Despite what seem like intimidating dimensions it sits surprisingly flat against the wrist and whilst it certainly has a presence and weight to it they are in no way cumbersome. A case diameter of 44mm, lug to lug of 50mm and a case thickness of 15.6mm makes it sound bigger than it looks. Much like with some Seiko dive watches the short lug to lug makes it wear more modest and comfortably than you would first think.


Ocean Crawlers, as the name suggests, is built for deep sea diving and not just for show. With a 600m water resistance rating, automatic helium escape valve and plenty of C3 Superluminova puts the Ocean Crawler in a league heads and shoulders above most other dive watches. To get these specifications you would normally be well into the four figures making the Ocean Crawler a steal for at under £800. Each watch comes with a selection of straps and the Core Divers are fitted with a robust metal bracelet.


CWBC is a proud supplier of Ocean Crawler and as such can answer any queries you have about the brand. Similarly, to pick up your own Ocean Crawler please get in touch.

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