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Why Has My New Watch Stopped?

If you have just bought a watch and it isn’t working there are a few tests to run to see what the problem is. The first is to make sure that the crown is all the way pushed in. If the crown is sticking out (and the watch has a feature called hacking) than the second hand will stop ticking. Simply push the crown all the way in and if needs be screw the crown in place.


If the watch is either mechanical or automatic make sure that the watch has adequate power. Shake the watch and turn the crown to power the watch. As a general rule about twenty to thirty turns is enough to power the watch for a day. Similarly if your watch is an automatic with manual wind make sure to wind the crown around twenty to thirty times. If the watch doesn’t have manual wind then shake the watch plenty and start wearing the watch. Depending upon your level of activity the watch may still run low on power and stop. Automatic watches will only stay fully powered if your movements generate enough power.


If the above don’t work get in touch with who you bought the watch from. Explain what has happened and what you have tried. If it is a quartz it will probably just need a new battery. It is harder to diagnose the problem with a mechanical or automatic watch without opening the case back but get in touch and see what they say. The person you bought it off of should be open to helping you and transparent in what they will do.



If you have any issues with your watches we do have a service and repair offering and please email sales@theclassicwatchbuyersclub.com for more details.

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