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Beco Boxy Watch Winder in Black

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Boxy Watch Winder
Easy to Use and Adaptable Modular Winder That Can Grow as Your Collection Grows
Brand Beco
Name Boxy Fancy Brick
Condition Brand New
Colour Black
Functions Watch Winder - Forward, Reverse, Multi Directional. Turns per day can be programmed between 650 to 3600.
Gender Unisex
Comment The Boxy Fancy Brick watch winder is suitable for storing one watch. Up to twelve fancy brick modules can be combined to store multiple watches. Thanks to the latest sharing technology, you only need one mains adapter when using several modules in combination. SUPPLIED WITH EUROPEAN PLUG.
Dimensions 110 x 98 x 130 mm
Location Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Others 1 Year Warranty

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