Orbita Tourbillon Three - Triple Watch Winder

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The Tourbillon Watch Winder range is housed in a beautiful crystal glass case.

A truly magnificent product that benefits from being incredibly functional with it’s intelligent winding system.

The winding module is fully open and mounted on a stainless steel peg base.


Orbita’s revolutionary digital technology allows digital displays of exact time and turns per day (TPD).

The photo-optic system counts each cylinder rotation and automatically advances the rest position 30° after each rotation.

The result is the negation of watch accuracy errors caused by gravity.


The digital TPD display automatically resets at midnight and several flashing blue LEDs add a dramatic visual effect.
Operation is enabled by a supplied universal AC/DC power adapter.
Single Tourbillon Watch Winder Module with a Crystal Glass Open Ended Enclosure.
Photo Optic winding system
Stainless Steel Rollers
Stainless Steel plastic lined Holder with soft rubber watch holder
Powered by supplied AC/DC Adapter (US Spec)
Dimensions: 15.5 x 38 x 15.5cm
Made in the USA by ORBITA Corporation.
2 Year Manufacturers warranty