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Wolf Blossom Floral pattern Safe Deposit Box Jewellery case in Cream

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The Blossom Collection by Wolf With a breath of fresh air, WOLF delivers their latest jewellery box collection, Blossom. This fifth generation, family owned company continues to surprise the market with their unique and intricate designs within their jewelry cases, watch winders, watch boxes, and lifestyle accessory collections. Exuding femininity and charm, Blossom carries attributes that are welcomed to a market with minimal options from other retailers. Blossom is a clever cut, layered and applique treatment never before seen on jewellery boxes putting Wolf at the forefront of design and development yet again. Revealing itself throughout the overall design, is Blossoms clever charisma. From the intricate 3-D flowers hand crafted in leather, as well as the colour choice, the entire collection it is unlike anything WOLF has produced to date. The silver stud accents, not only add to the collections overall attractiveness, but set it apart from all other jewelry cases available today. In total, the collection has five different jewelry cases each illuminating the alluring red, white and blue spring/summer palette. All options are available from The Classic Watch Buyers Club. FEATURES Storage: 5 compartments and 4 ring rolls SIZE 27.3CM L X 10.8CM W X 4.45CM

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