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Wolf Windsor Single Automated Mechanical Watch Winder - Black with Purple

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The Windsor Collection of Watch Winders and Accessories are constructed with a sturdy frame, stylish leather exterior and a modern contrast colours. The Windsor winder features a leather exterior with a textured silk faceplate. It has chrome plated hardware and operates on either 3.3V Adapter (included) or D- Cell batteries. The Windsor Winder features a 10 second start delay giving 900 turns per day with its own patented rotation programs, intermittent rotation, pause and sleep function phases are pre programmed. All Wolf products are available in our store please enquire. Features: Rotation: 10 second start delay, 900 TPD (Turns Per Day), patented rotation programs - Intermittent rotation with pause and sleep phases pre-programmed. Double the amount of TPD by selecting bi-directional Directional Settings: Clockwise, Counter Clockwise and Bi-directional Watch Cuff: The cuff has been designed to fit bigger and heavier watches (up to 52mm case). The new design "locks" the cuff into the rotator drum for a secure fit. Battery Option: Option to run the unit on AC power (universal adapter included) or D-Cell/Lithium batteries (not included). Storage: 1 winding module Powered by: Mabuchi Motors. Dimensions: 16.5cm Wide x 18cm Deep x 13.5cm High

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