Davosa Automatic Apnea Diver Stainless Steel Blue Red Face Wrist Watch

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The first striking new feature of the DAVOSA Apnea Diver Automatic is the multi-coloured ring around the dial. In fact the colours blue, white and red replicate an internationally recognised breathing exercise in freediving: A breath is taken during the five-second blue phase, it is held for 15 seconds (white area) and then air is expelled over 10 seconds (red area). With the help of this colour code, the freediver can concentrate fully on this vital breathing exercise without needing to count or use a stopwatch. The watch must be held in an upright position for these breathing exercises – without the need for improvised support, if possible. The DAVOSA Apnea Diver Automatic offers the perfect solution, and is thus a watertight professional freediving instrument. By unscrewing the crown at 3 o’clock, the middle section of a slightly curved, 42 mm stainless steel case can be extracted. Thanks to a hinged ring that is attached to the middle section, the diver can now safely erect the remaining watch case while performing breathing exercises.All Davosa watches sold by The Classic Watch Buyers Club have a full manufacturers warrantee Case size: 46mm Case thickness: 12mm Case material: steel plus ceramic bezel Movement type: Automatic SW200 Strap type: rubber strap with red spare Country of origin: Swiss specially designed for free divers, multicolored ring for breathing exercises, luminous hands, ceramic bezel, Product number: 16156955